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Our Mission: To save customers' shopping time by providing effective and reliable online shopping services in East Africa

GoTick is located in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and aims to connect sellers with buyers through website platform. With GoTick, almost everyone can sell or buy products to/from Tanzania and other East African countries. The aim of GoTick Company is to facilitate creativity and innovation among East African manufacturers and international manufacturers by offering an equal opportunity for sellers to put their goods on the market, thus promoting competition and increased consumer choice. In addition, GoTick Company aims at facilitating online transactions between Korean, Chinese, and other sellers around the world to East African buyers. GoTick Company also intends to organize business exhibitions in order to give an opportunity for international sellers to showcase their items and services and to meet with East African buyers in person. GoTick Company is devoted to meeting our customers’ expectations by ensuring quick, reliable delivery and offering the widest selection of quality products at affordable prices. Our self driven team is highly endeavored to achieve customer satisfaction by doing all we can to make our Mission a reality and facilitate the growth of the electronic commerce in Tanzania, East Africa, and Africa in general. Moreover, we strive our best to save customer time and money, while making the shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. It is our hope that the use of GOTick platform will lead to increased quality of life to all users; in Africa and beyond.



Do you want to start a business in Tanzania and you don't know where to start? GOTick under it's professional and experienced business team will be glad to make your dream true.Gathering and sharing business information is one among our goal. GOTick Business team conducts on going researches about market and business opportunities that are available in Tanzania and East Africa in general. Our knowledgeable and experienced team shares this information to both East African entrepreneurs who wants to expand their business territory and international entrepreneurs who are interested with East African market, particularly Tanzania.

Inventory StorageSpace

GOTick Company understands the difficulties and cost of sending a single product unit every time customers order. Because we care for your business growth, we provide a storage space for the frequently purchased products from sellers who are outside Tanzania at affordable price. At GOTick, we provide low-cost inventory storage for the frequently purchased products at a friendly pricing means that you pay only for the amount of storage space you use. GOTick will never penalize you for slow-moving merchandise. Supported by an experienced operational team, our facility protects and organizes your products for safe and secure inventory storage. Through GOTick e-commerce website you will be able to monitor your inventory levels, orders and shipments to the final customers. You will also be able to chat to our stuffs and ask any question concerning your inventories and customers.


GOTick delivers products to your doorstop as fast as possible. All you need to do is picture the product that you have in mind, Go Tick and click the product you need and we will deliver the product where you are. Our goal is to save our customers' time which also saves shopping frustration.